Harmageddon Get​-​Together

by Wanton

  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    The Digipak CD edition of the second coming of the Finnish psychopunkabillyrockers!

    Fifteen tracks to celebrate the end of days, Happy Harmageddon!

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The second coming of the Finnish psychopunkabillyrockers!

Fifteen tracks to celebrate the end of days, Happy Harmageddon!


released April 1, 2017

Recorded with Häiriö Piirinen at Rec Room Studios
Mixing and mastering:Toni Randell
Photography: Tiina Poimio
"Wanton"-logo: Janne Kannisto
Original art and design: Saara Jansson
Executive graphic designer: Miamaija Kurtakko

Friends and Family,
Johnny Rose and the Undead Artists Records,
Emma Keskimäki for featuring in "Cyanide & Arsenic"
Otis Jiry for featuring in "Intro"
Jussi "Mr.Manager" Toivonen,
Markku Aaltonen, Jackshop
Fans, listeners and crowds everywhere!


Santeri Kero- Lead vocals
Oskari Nieminen- Guitars and backing vocals
Santeri Toivonen- Doublebass
Eetu Ritakorpi- Drums and backing vocals



all rights reserved


Wanton Rauma, Finland

Psychobilly and Rock'n'Roll from West Coast of Finland. Established in 2011.

A part of the Undead Artists family.

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Track Name: Intro
"Normal is an illusion,
What's normal for the spider
is chaos for the fly"
And I, I am the spider
Track Name: Fun'n'Gore
Her bones are all over
and the candles are lit
she was an organ donor
but she didn't know it
I got her heart in a glass jar
for all my friends to see
she was a snuff film star
on my private silver screen, yeah

And it's all just a little fun and gore

Camera rolling
Bone exposing
Yeah, I love you
When I cut you
Through the tissue
I won't miss you, baby
My game is pain

Now what used to be a lady
is now a bloody mess
she was nicely wide awake
when I gave my last caress
now can you see her inner beauty?
I got her skin out of the way
she was innocent and guilty
but to me they're all the same

Now she's lying paralyzed
as i'm bringing out the tools
instruments are sterilized
I'll make a woman out of you
all the drilling and the filling
it only makes me love you more
I press record and get in
another scene of torture porn

I make my home inside your heart
Cut wide open, torn apart
I promise you won't feel a thing
Still you're feeling everything
Inhaling deep the smell of blood
I'm an addict, you're my drug, now baby
My game is pain
Track Name: Censor This!
Oh, please, be offended
I won't be corrected
My head is garbage can
And I'm taking out the trash

And I can't take the silence
I'm all for defiance
My head is a nuclear bomb
And it's about blow up

Censor this! Censor This!
No suit or tie won't make me change my mind
Censor this! Censor This!
Now use your voice and make some fucking noise

Now you're one in a million
With a different opinion
Your head is a garbage can
Now take out the trash

They say you must be crazy
But they're just fucking lazy
Your head is a nuclear bomb
That's about to go off
Track Name: Bump In The Night
The vultures waiting for their meal
And now the bones are picked until they're clean
Butcher's hooks covered in rust
So hang around and spill your guts

It's a world of hurt after the sunset
The monsterball rollin' and I'm willing to bet
You like your pleasure mixed with pain
And it's never gonna feel this good again

Let's go, go bump in the night
The graverobber's rockin' and the boneyard's boppin'
Let's go, go bump in the night
You gotta see it to believe it and bleed it to relieve it

The violence sings with doom and gloom
And the devil's violin's out of tune
Rotten hearts pump toxic waste
A barber's knife decapitates

A touch of paranormal and a hint of evil
Malevolance and a tad of free will
The stew is a-brewing, now the dinner is served
Get your spoons ready, you scream for dessert
Track Name: 21st Century Haunting
Reverse the tape
Enhance the track
Paranormal state
Now the dead and the buried
They are coming back
Decrypt the code
Unleash the rage
Transmission mode
And a digital ghoul
From cyberspace

It's a 21st century
21st century
21st century
21st century haunting

You're just a fly
In the world wide web
Behind your screen
They're in your head
Underneath your bed
You crossed the line
No turning back
Up and down your spine
Now look into the void
And the void looks back

Social virus
Ghost protocol
Press play to launch
Initiate the haunting
Track Name: Town Of Nihilo
This place holds the dead
Decapitated heads, they hang around
Now they're underneath my bed
They sing to me in languages unknown
But this I know:

Houses built from skin and bone
This nothingness we call our home
Streets are blood and stories told
Long forgotten town of Nihilo

Whoever goes through here
They have thrown away their hope in
Nihilo, Nihilo
Now everything you felt
Was a punch below the belt in Nihilo

Now to this place we're damned
A marching band is keeping up the beat
A nuclear winter wonderland
Oblivion ain't a bad place to be
Now can't you see?

Barren lands of ice and stone
When you're here, you're not alone
The days are dark and night's are cold
Long forgotten town of Nihilo

This place is on the map
An early draft of our mythology
And infested by the rats
That eat away our sense of what is real
What's eating me

Is how we cannot live or die
Cannot laugh or cannot cry
Cannot stay or Cannot go
Long forgotten town of Nihilo
Track Name: Cyanide & Arsenic
These days I cannot stand the sight of her
She used to be just my kinda girl
He used to be my prince, now just a joke
This dirty drunken dog and always broke

She always knows just how to make me hurt
I'd choke her with a pillow if I had the nerve
Today he's raised his hand one final time
I'll spike his booze with a drop of cyanide

We were wed and made a vow we had to keep
But it wound up killing you and killing me
How the greatest things in life are turned to grief
And now the lips go blue and it's getting hard to breathe

Tonight again he's wasted and he cries
I feel the rage that's piling up inside
She keeps on talking, that it'll be alright
I don't believe a word, this love must die

I did everything I could, but it's not enough
I keep hanging on to a suicidal thought
And now everything in her just makes me sick
Her morning tea is spiced with arsenic

And now death shall do us part
How beautiful you are
You're mine and I am yours
Down on the kitchen floor
And when the lights go out in you
It goes out in you too, lips are blue
Last words are I love you
Track Name: Scare Tactics And Human Frights
Someone to be scared of- Something to be feared
Someone unexpected - Something unforeseen
Someone's vile creation- Something's evil deed
Someone's out to get you- Something set in motion
Just to burn you

What you're afraid of?
What shakes your core?

"Rage, rage against the dying of the light"
"Do not go gentle into that good night"
"Rage, rage against the dying of the light"
Pick yourself up and fight
Their scare tactics and human frights

Scare Tactics!

Something long forgotten- Someone that you crossed
Something left to rot then- Someone that you buried
Something unforgiving- Someone with a grudge
Something in the mirror- Someone drags you down
Into the void now

What you're afraid of?
What shakes your core?
Now has it paid off?
Take back what's yours
Track Name: Hyde
You should fear my mind and what's inside
Behind those eyes is something homicidal
It's trying to leave but you don't see
You're in too deep in a bad dream getting too real

You should scare yourself, a thought of death
You're out of breath and you're running to a dead end
You lost control, now heads will roll
You're not alone, you can't hold me down anymore

I ain't Dr. Jekyll
Just a demon in the mirror
Yeah, I'll blow your head off
And that is how I get off
Say hi to Mr. Hyde

You should fear my name and run away
I wanna play a game called murder
Slash and hack, attack, attack
The final act, the trail let's you know where I am

But I'm on the run with my gun
You're fucking done, any last words?
And as you die, I crack a smile
As I hang you high, you could really say I'm the worst
Track Name: Dystopia
24/7, gps surveillance
Eyes everywhere, scanning information
We didn't read the terms but we hit agree
We gave ourselves away and we did it for free

They made it so easy
They made it so pleasing
Now we pledge allegiance
To the devil in the details

Freedom is a lie
Trying to survive
Burn it to the ground
We'll take you with us if we're going down

24/7, trying to find a reason
If you talk back, you're commiting treason
All that we wanted was security
We bought it with a price of privacy

They made it entertaining
They made it so enslaving
Again we pledge allegiance
To the devil in the details
Track Name: Second Coming
Well, I've been away so long
Gathering my strength
You thought that I was done for
When I drew my last breath
I slept away my days
I slowly decomposed
Woke up in my grave
And I couldn't rest my bones
Oh no, I'm back and everyone will know

Resurgence is my gift and it's my curse
I'm back to give my best and give you worst
I'm here to set you free or set you straight
I'm here to love or hate for
I'm the second coming

I was buried in my dreams
A comfy comatose
You injected me
With a toxic overdose
It's us against the world
You're standing by my side
They cannot kill us all
Cuz we've already died
Alright, you bet your ass that we'll put up a fight
Track Name: Front Row Ticket
I got a front row ticket
For the end of the world, oh yeah
I got a front row ticket
For the end of the world, oh yeah
Well, I sure got my ticket
Tell me, how about you
If you haven't got'em yet
You better get'em really soon
I got a front row ticket
For the end of the world

I got a front row ticket
For the greatest show on earth
I got a front row ticket
For the greatest show on earth
Well, I got my popcorn
And my 3D glasses
To watch you fuckers burn
Sitting on your sorry asses
I got a front row ticket
For the greatest show on earth

I got a front row seat
For the apocalypse, that's right
I got a front row seat
For the apocalypse, that's right
Well, I got a sweet spot
And having hell of a time
This harmageddon
Get-together suits me fine
I got a front row seat
For the apocalypse
Track Name: Vendetta
You wounded something you couldn't kill
You drank from a cup that you didn't fill
Now do as thou wilt but watch your step
When you walk to a noose that'll snap your neck

I got an eye on you and I take my aim
On your mortal soul I make my claim
Now beg for mercy but my mind is set
My mission down here is to see you dead

The time has come vendetta
I won't forgive you ever
The time has come vendetta
You'll be sorry forever

See, I'm the ghost of ages past
You play your game but the die is cast
You crossed me once and I gave my word
I'm a man with a match and the world will burn

Well, I got you now and I make my move
Revenge is sweet and black and blue
Eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
Biblical justice brought on you
Track Name: Infected
Spreading like a virus
Like a toxin in the air
I think it's in the water
I think it's everywhere

Pestilence for an encore
Second coming of a plague
Running rapid in the bloodstream
A fever in the brain

Too late to quarantine
No recovery, the dead rise up
Running out of time
Running for my life until I drop

I'm infected

Blood contaminated
Corrupted to the core
An everlasting hunger
Springs life into my corpse

Chaos running rampant
The mayhem in the street
Pandemic on the loose
Taste the flesh between your teeth

Zombies all around
Foaming at the mouth, the dead rise up
Shoot them in the head
Do it all again until you drop

Oh, yes I'm infected and so are you
let's feed on your family and your loved ones too

Driven by a lust
For your blood and guts, the dead rise up
Hold on to your brains
It's the end of days, until you drop
Track Name: The End
t's gonna take the end
For us to get together
Be as friends
In the face of Harmageddon
We may forget
The pain and the hurt we caused
To one another
In the name of self
We betrayed our brothers
Left them for dead

The shockwave will wipe away our sins
The fallout will bring them back again

This is the end
Devoid of common sense
Attack's the best defense
This is the end
Today we cross the line
Today we do or die

It's gonna take the end
For everyone to know
Money that you have
It is never gonna make you whole
It was a lie
They put in your head
And it poisoned your mind
Putting your faith
In a god who isn't on your side
At least you tried

We're standing underneath the mushroom cloud
Tears fall but won't touch the ground

Humanity is soon to be extinct
It's like we never even did exist
The universe won't notice that we're gone
Our lullaby's the sound of nuclear war